Mission Statement

  • To DEVELOP athletes in the sport of Paddling; build confidence, competence, personal growth and leadership towards representing Canada internationally.
  • To PROMOTE the sport of Paddling in an inclusive, safe and healthy environment, through  skilled coaching, which supports individual and team accomplishments.
  • To COMPETE in the sport of Paddling at both a Provincial and National level.

2020/21 Registration is Now Open

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COVID19 – Orenda Canoe Club

Orenda Canoe Club has resumed limited operations under strict health guidelines. For more information, please find below the health orders and protocols our paddlers are currently following to safely return to exercise in their sport.

COVID19 CKC and ADCKC Information

The following guidelines must be followed by all member clubs and will be monitored by the Atlantic
Division CanoeKayak Canada (ADCKC).
● All clubs can allow access to their club facilities at this time as long as physical distancing and
sanitization rules are followed as determined by the Province. Weight rooms, gyms, and
multi-purpose rooms remain closed at this time.
● All clubs will ensure that the training groups are a maximum of 10 participants including coaches
while maintaining physical distancing.
● All clubs will ensure that they maintain all of the Provinces’ COVID-19 Physical Distancing rules.
This means that there will always be a minimum of 2m between individuals both on and off the
water. It will be up to the individual clubs to choose the maximum number of participants to
maintain the social distancing rules.
● All clubs will not allow access to crew boats. This will ensure the 2m physical distancing will be
adhered to at all times.
● All clubs will ensure that there is limited sharing of any equipment. This includes paddles and
boats. All equipment must be cleaned before and after each use. It is preferable that if equipment
must be shared that it is with the same participants.
● All participants will remove their boat, get onto the water, paddle, return their boat, and exit the
club . They will not leave any belongings behind other than the boat.
● All clubs ensure that there is no sharing of personal items. This includes and is not limited to
PFD’s, water bottles, and clothing.
● All clubs will ensure that only members in good standing are paddling at this time.
● All clubs will ensure no U10’s or younger is paddling at this time.
● ADCKC also recommends that all participants wear a PFD and do not paddle alone while
maintaining the 2m physical distancing requirement.

Stay informed with updated information on the COVID19 response from Canoe Kayak Canada and ADCKC by visiting their websites here,

CKC – https://canoekayak.ca/

ADCKC – https://www.adckc.ca/